The series Penalty aims to create awareness about the problem of marine plastic pollution that exists in World oceans, using the single plastic object of a football to represent the issue on a global scale.

769 marine debris footballs and pieces of, with the addition of 223+ other types of balls, were collected from 41 different countries and islands around the World, from 144 different beaches and by 89 members of the public in just 4 months.

The recovered footballs have been incorporated into a series of 4 images, each showing the mass accumulation of footballs within these areas.

The World
United Kingdom
One person (a collection made by a single member of the public)

The diverse scale of these collections shows both one man’s determination to portray the problem on an individual level by collecting 228 balls, compared with the collaboration of 89 members of the public around the world that have all helped to represent the project on a global scale.

In addition 32 footballs have been selected from different countries around the world where they were recovered from. They are photographed individually representing a timeline of their predicted age, estimated by the printed titles and names that appear on each ball. 32 is the number of synthetic leather panels that originally made up the traditional football and also the number of qualifying teams in the World Cup Finals.

THE WORLD_web.jpgEUROPE A4 72.jpgUK A4 72.jpgONE MAN A4 72.jpgfootball_selection.jpg