SOUP: Turtle
<br> Ingredients; plastic turtles that have circled & existed in the North Pacific Gyre for 16 years, as a result of twelve shipping containers carrying
<br>28,800 childrens bath toys that washed overboard from the ship 'Evergreen Ever Laurel' on 10 January 1992. Additives; ducks, beavers & frogs.
SOUP: Translucent
<br>Ingredlients; translucent plastic debris.
SOUP: Alphabet
<br>Ingredients; plastic debris that includes surface text. (Ironic random arrangement of 4 pieces of debris suggests a warning, 'Sea', 'AND', 'HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES', 'FOUL'.
SOUP: Burnt
<br>Ingredients; all plastics partially burnt.
SOUP: Nurdles
<br>Ingredients; nurdle pellets, the industrial raw material of plastic collected from six different beaches.
<br>Nurdles are also known as 'Mermaids Tears'
SOUP: Bird's Nest
<br>Ingredients; discarded fishing line that has formed nest-like balls due to tidal oceanic movement. Additives; other debris collected in its path.
SOUP: Fragmented Cups
<br>Ingredients; single-use plastic cups.
SOUP: Tomato
<br>Ingredients; red plastic debris.
SOUP: Refused
<br>Ingredients; marine plastic debris affected by the chewing & attempted ingestion by animals. Includes; toothpaste tube. Additives; teeth from animals.
SOUP: Ruinous Remembrance
<br>Ingredients; plastic flowers, leaves, stems & fishing line. Additives; bones, skulls feathers & fish.
<br>Recovered from a one metre square area of shoreline on Spurn Point Nature Reserve, England
SOUP: 500+
<br>Ingredients; representing more than 500 pieces of plastic debris found in the digestive tract of an albatross chick in the North Pacific Gyre.
<br>Unlike earlier images in the SOUP series this compact arrangement of debris represents the accumulation inside an affected creature.