Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Wildlife
<br>Plastic ice-lolly wrappers with syringes collected from single visits to three different beaches on Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island & the New Territories. Includes; seahorse, dolphin,
<br>elephant, crocodile, pig, cat, bear & fruits, with Chinese New Year animals; snake, rabbit & pig. (Recovered from Waterfall Bay & Tong Fuk Beach 2013, Lung Kwu Tan 2014).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Zongzi
<br>Miniature plastic waste imitation sticky rice packages found in the sea. Zongzi or zong are traditionally made from bamboo leaves and thrown
<br>into the sea as part of the dragon boat festival in Hong Kong (Recovered from Tai O beach, Lantau Island, November 2013).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Spilt<br><br>

150 tonnes of pre-production plastic pellets (nurdles) spilt from a cargo container during Typhoon Vicente on 23 July 2012<br>
adds to Hong Kong's waste issues in the sea and on its beaches.The image mirrors the night sky on the day of the<br>
spillage & includes nurdles recovered from six of the worst affected beaches.
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Lighter
<br>Discarded cigarette lighters make reference to our single use throw away society. The panda a national emblem of China represents endangered species & faces away from the group symbolising
<br>mother nature turning its back on man's inability to take ownership of its waste. (Lighters recovered from various beaches in Hong Kong over the past three years).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Lotus Garden
<br>A collection of different species of discarded artificial flowers that would not exist at the same flowering time in nature should not be found in the ocean. The flowers were recovered
<br>from various beaches in Hong Kong over the past three years (Includes; lotus flowers, leaves & petals, peony, carnation, rose, blossom, holly, ferns, castor & ivy leaves).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Poon Choi
<br>Ten objects of municipal waste collected from ten different beaches relate to Hong Kong's traditional ten layered New Year's dish, Poon Choi. Collected from ten different beaches in Hong Kong
<br>during November 2013 (Includes; child's sandal, retail mannequin hand, race duck, ribbon, spectacle frame, toy dinosaur, fishing float, shipping tag, pocket game & toy boat).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Packet
<br>Waste plastic packaging from single-use food and drink items, with household products alongside medical and hazardous waste. Takeaway food packaging lies next to a bottle of bleach and a confectionery
<br>phone packet implies communication in the need for change (Includes; plastic bottle tops & bottles, plastic gift wrap from Shenzhen miniature village, condoms, and an antibiotic IV bag).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Polystyrene
<br>Representing 52 tonnes of polystyrene foam dining ware that goes into landfill EVERY DAY in Hong Kong. Foam pieces of varying sizes litter every beach and shoreline in Hong Kong.
<br>Recovered from a single visit to five different beaches over one week in 2013 (Includes; polystyrene dining ware, packaging, balls, toys and fishing related debris).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Transform
<br>Recovered toys, action heroes and transformers reflect inadequate disposal of children's toys - the message to TRANSFORM the habits and behaviour of the younger generation in Hong Kong,
<br>with the emphasis being to take action (Includes ACTION figures and transformers recovered from various beaches over the past three years).
Hong Kong Soup:1826 - Soko
<br>Marine plastic debris collected from the Soko Islands represents the contours of the beaches and islands where the waste was collected. Debris recovered from the Soko Islands over
<br>the past year. (Includes; medical, agricultural, and fishing related waste, whilst highlighting the dragon & fan, symbolic items within the Chinese culture).