1 Year.jpg1-3 Years.jpg1-5 Years.jpg10-20 Years.jpg30 years.jpg30-4- Years.jpg400 Years.jpg450 Years.jpg600 Years.jpgIndefinite.jpg


Discarded debris found along the shore and having existed for
varying amounts of time in the sea collectively convey a message
about the marine environment. The images combine visual beauty
with the message of pollution and the time it takes them to
biodegrade in the sea.

The series shows an intuitive collection of objects as they were
presented, on the shore, unwashed and unaltered and aiming to
reveal a beauty not otherwise noticed. The form and shape of
the objects take on the imaginative appearance of sea creatures,
created from the very materials that prove fatal for the creatures
themselves. Enveloping black space evokes a deep sea, presenting the
emerging objects as creatures from beneath, whilst at the same time
serving as a metaphor to the unknown depths of this vast
global problem of pollution.

The captions state only the number of years it takes each material
to decompose, thus revealing a narrative in time, and ending with the
indeterminate and Indefinite material polystyrene.